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Will have a major impact on how individuals shape their attitude to work, how organizations create abundant cultures, and how leaders turn personal meaning into public good.

-Jigmi Y. Thinley Prime Minister of Bhutan

One of a child’s first questions is “Why?”  It’s a question we all ask – across cultures, races, faiths, nations and generations – throughout our lives.  This book brings that question to the arena in which we spend most of our adult lives, illuminating its importance to the success of our organizations and giving us insightful tools to help make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

-Don Hall, Jr. President and CEO of Hallmark Cards, Inc

The Why of Work opens the door to significant employee engagement. The alignment between company values and those of customers and communities can indeed give employees a sense purpose while delivering great results to customers!

-Paula S. Larson, Chief HR Officer, Invesys

In this powerful new book, world-acclaimed leadership expert David Ulrich teams up with clinical psychologist Wendy Ulrich to explore the “why” of work—the common driving force behind every successful organization. Once you learn how to harness this force, you can…