[About the Authors]


This book evolved out of a conversation between a business professor/consultant (Dave) and a psychologist (Wendy), a conversation that has seasoned more than ten years of morning walks along the river ways of Michigan, the neighborhoods of Quebec, and the mountain trails of Utah (To learn more about us read our story). 

For more reasons that one, this conversation often leaves us breathless as we contemplate the challenges faced by leaders who create the organizations we respectively encounter.  Theirs are the challenges we face as well:  finding the why to sustain the how of our daily living.  This book focuses on a simple question:  How do great leaders create, for themselves and others, a sense of abundance (meaning, purpose, hope, pleasure) that not only engages employees but delivers value to customers, investors, and communities?

We pay tribute to those who have helped us experience, think about, and attempt to understand and deliver meaning. Read here what professional colleagues, respected academics, and heads of state have said about The Why of Work.