[Our Story]

Dave works to help organizations create value for employees, customers, investors, and communities.  He coaches leaders on how to build corporate agendas, organizational capabilities, and the human resource infrastructures to achieve them. Dave is also trained as a taxonomist who looks for simple patterns in complex phenomena.  In these pursuits, Dave sometimes encounters leaders who formulate great strategies, structures, and processes, but may overlook the heart and soul that make organizations meaningful places to work.

Wendy works to help people change and heal.  With a background in psychodynamic, cognitive, family, and positive psychology, she helps clients examine the patterns that have shaped their past so they can better choose their future.  Her clinical practice and change workshops include both people with everyday struggles and people facing trauma or serious adversity.  Some people in each category see primarily the senselessness and deficits of their lives, while others manage to find a sense of meaning and abundance.  Her MBA reminds her that real change means institutionalizing, not merely individualizing, abundance and meaning.


Dave works with organizations, Wendy with individuals. Dave wants to help organizations serve their customers and investors; Wendy wants to help individuals grow and find peace.  But as we have worked together, we have found common ground.  The questions both leaders and those they lead wrestle with and the answers they develop seem to overlap and connect around the search for the why of work – the search for meaning, purpose.  Finding that why infuses organizations with a sense of abundance – having enough and to spare of what matters most.