Video 6 - Finding Meaning

Wendy talks about Victor Frankl's work on meaning, his experience in a concentration camp, and what kept him alive there. If people can find meaning in the worst possible conditions, we should be able to find hope at our work.

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Video 5 - Competitive and Business Advantage

The inside of the organization affects the outside of it. Dave explains how this happens with 5 whys. Making meaning makes money.

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Video 4 - Meaning Junkies

Dave and Wendy confess that they are meaning meaning junkies. They try to figure out how to provide meaning to individuals. Leaders need to help employees find meaning in their work because it will help create happiness for them as well as help the bottom line of the organization.

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Video 3 - Building Your Business

Dave and Wendy Ulrich talk about the popular TV show Undercover Boss and explain that bosses do not need to go undercover to find ways to create meaningful opportunities for their employees.

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Video 2 - Seven Disciplines

David Ulrich enumerates the seven disciplines.

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Video 1 - The Why of Work Introduction

Dave and Wendy introduce The Why of Work.

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9.2 HBS Article on Employee-Customer-Profit

Follow this link to learn more about how employee experiences at work can affect the bottom-line.

Read the article here

9.1 The Importance of Delight

In this video, Dave and Wendy explain what delight is and why it matters.

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8.6 Checklist for Acquiring Talent for Learning

Review the talent checklist for help in buying and building for learning and generalization skills.


8.5 Organizational Viruses

In our work on managing change, we have identified more than 30 common viruses, common reasons why change does not proceed as intended. Download the full list organization viruses and learn more about virus busting.


8.4 Pilot’s Checklist

Download a printable copy of the Pilot's Checklist and learn more about resources for sustainable change management.


8.3 Using the Pilot’s Checklist

In this video, Dave and Wendy explain how to use the Pilot’s checklist to help manage change more effectively.

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8.1 Applying the Learning Formula

Download the learning formula to find out how to generate ideas with impact.


7.2 The Intrinsic Value of Work

Based on the premises that when people do work based on their values and when they work in settings that work for them, they create more value. As discussed in chapter 7 there are three different types of work: intellectual, physical, and relational. By taking this assessment you can determine what type of work best fits you and you can best create more value.


7.1 Building Employee Brand

In this video Dave discusses how leaders personalize work to the unique employee requirements.

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6.2 Work Environment Attitudes and Routines Assessment

This assessment was created to help you understand to what extent you focus on abundant versus cynical attitudes and routines at work.


6.1 Point-of-View on How to Build a Positive Work Environment

In this video Dave and Wendy talk about the importance of positive work environments and the 10 elements to focus on in building a positive work environment.

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5.3 Team Survey

Use this survey to find out how you are doing leading your own team at work.


5.2 High Performing Teams

Download this overview to learn more about the characteristics of high performing teams.


5.1 High Performing Teams

In this video Wendy and Dave talk about the importance of, and how to build high performing teams

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4.4 Insight into Motivation

Download this worksheet to help you identify what motivates you, your employees, and your organization.


4.3 Meaningful Goals

In this video Wendy and Dave discuss the importance of and how to create an organizational aspiration that declares a socially responsible agenda and translates that agenda into individual action.

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4.2 Purpose Assessment

Download the following worksheet to help you identify which purpose category is your strongest.


4.1 Purpose

In this video Dave and Wendy present the four categories of purpose and how leaders can help employees find purpose in good times and in bad.

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3.5 Organizational Capabilities Audit

Use RBL’s Organizational Capabilities Audit to identify the critical capabilities of your organization and assist in the creation of an action plan that will increase the organization’s ability to deliver on its strategy.

Go to the client services page for Organizational Capabilities Audit

3.3 Personal Awareness Exercise

Complete this exercise to help identify what your signature strengths are and how you can best use them at work.


3.2 Leadership Code Assessment

RBL’s Leadership Code 360 Assessment will help you find out how well you perform in the baseline leadership competencies demonstrated by effective leaders globally.

Go to the client services page for Leadership Code 360 Development Offerings

3.1 MENTOR Leadership Battery

Find out more about RBL’s MENTOR Leadership Battery Psychometric Assessment.

Go to the client services page for MENTOR Leadership Battery

2.4 Assessment of Individual Abundance at Work

Complete this assessment to determine how much individual abundance you have at work. As you complete this assessment think about your current personal experience with work.


2.3 Assessment of the Abundant Organization

Download and complete this assessment in order to determine if you have an abundant organization.


2.2 Seven Questions

Download a printable version of the Seven Questions that form the basis of this book.


2.1 Seven Questions

In this video Dave and Wendy overview the seven questions that can help leaders create a compelling “why” for work.

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10.4 HR Transformation

Creating a more abundant organization most likely involves transforming how your organization touches its employees. See our recent book on transforming HR for a practical approach to implementing your HR transformation.

Learn more about the Book

10.3 Personal Meaning Audit

People say that charity begins at home. The same is true for meaning. To become a leader who shapes and creates meaning for others, download and complete this personal meaning audit.


10.1 Call to Action

In this video, Dave and Wendy explain how organizations can use the principles outlined in this book to change how leaders create the how and why for employees, and how individuals can change how they interact with the organization they work with and the world at large.

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1.2 Abundance vs. Deficit Thinking

Use this worksheet to help you identify how to abundantly respond to experiences in both your work and personal life.


1.1 Meaning

In this Youtube video, Victor Frankl talks about meaning and happiness.

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